AI-Created - Quadratic Residue Diffuser - Acoustic Panels

Quadratic Residue Diffuser
Quadratic Residue Diffusers (QRD) or Skyline Panels stand at the forefront of acoustic science, celebrated for their ability to evenly scatter sound waves and enrich the listening experience. Originating from a mathematical concept, these diffusers use a sequence of varying depths to break up and redistribute sound energy. This technique was famously detailed in a BBC white paper, which laid the groundwork for QRDs by exploring their potential to minimize acoustic anomalies and create a sonically pleasant environment. The QRD's intricate design allows for both absorption and reflection of sound waves, a method proven to reduce echoes and flutter in spaces as diverse as recording studios and concert halls.

World First AI Designed Acoustic Panel
Introducing a groundbreaking advanceent in acoustic treatment: the world's first AI-designed QRD Skyline Acoustic Panels. Our state-of-the-art panels are the product of the interplay of ChatGPT and 3D Modelling Languages that meticulously calculate diffusive surfaces to optimize sound quality. Unlike traditional panels, these smart designs offer a practical and highly effective solution for managing acoustics in any environment.
Each panel is engineered to provide the perfect balance between diffusion and absorption, targeting specific frequencies to enhance the clarity and warmth of your audio space.

Prime Number Sequence
In the design of our Quadratic Residue Diffusers, we've employed the innovative prime number sequence method, a technique rooted in complex acoustic theory yet remarkably effective in practice. This approach utilizes sequences of prime numbers to determine the depth of each well in the diffuser panel. By adhering to this method, the panels are able to diffuse sound waves more uniformly across a room, significantly reducing the directionality of reflections and standing waves. This results in a more natural and balanced acoustic environment. The beauty of the prime number sequence lies in its inherent irregularity, which is key to scattering sound waves at varying angles, thereby enhancing the overall sound quality within a space. This method not only optimizes acoustic performance but also imparts a unique aesthetic to the panels, making them as visually appealing as they are functionally sound.

Aesthetic and Functional
Our QRD Skyline Acoustic Panels beautifully marry aesthetics with functionality, offering a visually stunning solution to sound diffusion challenges. Designed with both the eye and the ear in mind, these panels are a testament to the synergy between art and science. Their geometrically intricate patterns are not just pleasing to the eye but also serve a critical purpose in diffusing sound waves, turning any room into an acoustically balanced space. Perfect for studios, home theaters, or any room where sound quality is paramount, these panels add an element of sophisticated design while significantly improving the listening experience. They stand as a focal point of interior design, showcasing how functional elements can also be transformative pieces of art. With these panels, you no longer have to choose between form and function – you get the best of both worlds.

Optimised with AI
The clever interplay of depth and spacing in the wells (or cavities) of these panels is the secret to their effectiveness. Each well is precisely calculated to target specific sound frequencies, ensuring a wide range of sound waves are scattered effectively. This attention to detail in design makes QRD panels a blend of science, art, and technology, providing both acoustic functionality and visual intrigue.By leveraging AI, we've been able to push the boundaries of traditional acoustic design, resulting in panels that are not only aesthetically superior but also acoustically more efficient. The use of AI, particularly ChatGPT, in this process underscores our commitment to innovation and excellence in creating solutions that are at the forefront of technology and design.

Digital Download for 3D Printing
Step into the future of acoustic design with our Digital Download for 3D Printing. This instant download provides you with access to meticulously crafted STL files, ready to transform your space with a touch of modern innovation. No waiting for shipments; you can begin creating your custom QRD Skyline Acoustic Panels right from the comfort of your home. Compatible with a range of 3D printers, these files are designed to ensure a smooth printing experience, enabling you to produce professional-grade acoustic treatments on-demand. Whether for a home project or a professional studio setup, our digital downloads empower you to take the reins in achieving superior sound quality with the convenience and flexibility of 3D printing.



How many modles are in this bundle? There are 60 unique STL files included in a variety of sizes
It says there is an error with the STL? These STLs have a unique geometry which sometimes is read as a shared vertice by slicing software. Just ignore it and I assure you it will print just fine.
What are the acoustic properties of these panels? These panels have yet to be tested by an acoustic engineer, however it is anticipated that these panels should help to reduce noise in most frequency bands. There is an image above which contains more information.
Is there a Digital Only version? Yes. This is it.
What are the sizes of the panels? There are 3 different sizes, 175x150mm, 225x200mm and 350x325mm. Each of these sizes also includes two different height options of 30mm and 50mm. 10 unique variations of each of these.
Does it come in different colours? Yes, just print the colour you want