Kinetic Art Wave Machine Sculpture

Introducing my mesmerizing Kinetic Art Wave Machine Sculptureā€”a captivating and interactive 3D Print that combines form with motion. This unique project doubles as a sculpture and fidget toy, offering endless fascination and relaxation as you make waves come to life on your desktop.

My sculpture embodies the rhythmic movement of waves through an carefully designed cam shaft mechanism. As you turn the handles, motions unfolds, creating mesmerizing patterns and gentle ripples that evoke a sense of tranquility.

This product is available as a digital download, including comprehensive instructions and providing you with the STL files needed to bring this project to life.

This product comes with detailed instructions, see the link below. It is best printed at 0.2mm layer height, with 10% infill, 2 vertical shells, 4 bottom layers and 6 top layers.



How many parts are in this kit? 153, and you will need 8x M4 15-20mm Screws
How do I orient the parts for printing? The parts are pre-oriented to the best setting. I recommend printing with a reliable premium filament such as Prusament or Fillamentum as the tolerances for the machine are reasonably tight.
How long does it take to assemble? About 15 minutes. You will need a screw driver or hex key to tighten your screws.
Can I print and distribute this? Not without license, please contact me for details.
Is there a motorised version coming? I'm glad you asked. YES!
What print settings would you recommend? 0.2mm Layer Height. 10% Infill. 2 Vertical shells. 4 bottom layers. 6 top layers.