Inverse Kinematic Desktop Mixer


What is the Inverse Kinematic Desktop Mixer?
Discover the Desktop Kinetic Mixer, a groundbreaking tool that brings advanced engineering to your creative endeavors. At the heart of its design is the innovative six-bar linkage system, a mechanism renowned for its precision and efficiency in motion control. This feature is crucial as it allows for a unique oscillating and tumbling motion, ensuring that your paints, powders, and pigments are mixed thoroughly and uniformly. Whether you're working on delicate miniature paintings or robust crafting projects, this mixer provides the perfect blend every time, with the reliability of advanced kinematics.

Simplify Your Crafting
Experience unparalleled ease in achieving perfectly blended paints, powders, and more. Designed with hobbyists in mind, this compact and efficient tool ensures smooth, consistent results for every project. Say goodbye to manual stirring and uneven mixes, and embrace a new standard of precision and convenience in your creative work.

The mixer is perfectly sized to accomodate miniature paint bottles such as Vallejo, Citadel and Army Painter. Larger bottles will also fit with ease.

Versatility at Your Fingertips
No matter your hobby - be it scale modeling, miniature painting, or crafting with resins - our mixer is ready to meet your needs. Its 90x55mm capacity drum caters to small and medium-sized projects, providing a versatile solution for a wide array of creative pursuits.

The mixer has had success with rocket enthusiasts, who I presume use this tool to help mix powders for their rocket engines.

User-Friendly Design
Our mixer is all about making complex tasks simple. Load your materials, secure them effortlessly, and let the mixer work its magic. The intuitive design, including a rubber band iris mechanism, ensures a seamless and hassle-free mixing experience.

Simply twist, insert, twist again, and turn on in order to start mixing the contents of your container. This mixer can be left unattended while it mixes for you, letting you get things done while it does the mixing.

Build It Yourself, Use It Forever
Delight in assembling your own mixer with our easy-to-follow kit. It includes everything you need: high-quality 3D printed parts, all necessary hardware, and comprehensive instructions. Build a durable and reliable tool that will enhance your crafting projects for years to come.

Parts are easily replaceable by anyone with a 3D Printer, or by a print on demand facility, allowing the mixer to be repaired, upgraded and customised as your need require.

Why Choose My Mixer?
* Efficient Mixing: Achieve perfect blends quickly and effortlessly.
* Precision Engineering: Benefit from the unique six-bar linkage system for consistent results.
* Compact and Versatile: Ideal for various materials and projects in any workspace.
* Easy to Use: Simple assembly and operation, accessible for hobbyists of all levels.
* Small Business: Support a community member to make new things!

Join the Community of Satisfied Creators
Hear from those who've experienced the transformation in their crafting:

"The mixer is a game-changer. It blends everything so perfectly and is fascinating to watch!" - Rich

"I've saved so much time and effort on my projects since using this mixer. It's a must-have for any serious hobbyist!" - Verena




June 2023
As a fellow Aussie, I wanted to say a huge thank you. I was blown away when unboxing my mixer and impressed about the attention to detail in the packing of what seems like such a simple item. Mate - you've surpassed what I expected as my previous 3D printer was unable to print your files. I have had much better results from the Ultimaker S7 that we got for our work project. I was curious as to what printer you are using to get the results that you are getting. Thank you again - Verena
March 2023
Hi Mark, Just wanted to say, the paint mixer is bloody marvellous. I just lovewatching it do its thing. The case you sent it in was a super cool touch too. Anyway, thanks again for your efforts in getting this on sale. So nice tofind a device that does exactly what it is supposed to and does it well. Cheers, Rich


How many parts are in this kit? There are 12 printed parts, 1 electronics component, 9 fasteners, and 8 miscellaneous parts in this kit.
Is there a Digital Only version? No, currently I make this available as a kit due to the components required to make it work, it may be difficult to source these individually. There is an older version available at, however since then significant changes have been made to my design.
What is the capacity / drum size? The capacity of the mixer is 50x90mm, and can accomodate up to 110mm due to the open ended design.
Does it come in different colours? Yes, please contact me for custom colours.